Christa Lashley


Christa is our Special Events Director and Xcel Coach

“I was born in South Carolina but came to Ohio when I was 4.  When I was 7 my dad enrolled me into gymnastics and I absolutely fell in love.  I progressed up to level 6 and from there I changed from being a gymnast to being a coach.  Since I started coaching when I was 15 I have never been able to stay away.  I even coached on the side when I went to Kent State for Fashion Design and continued to coach after I graduated.  As much as I love coaching it’s not my only love.  Fashion has always been in my blood.  Even as a child I would draw clothes and different designs.  I’ve had a lot of great experience in the world of fashion which has led me to begin some great dreams of mine.  Currently I am not only coaching girls Xcel and in charge of special events, but I am beginning to start the process of my very own brand, CLASH.  I am very excited to see where my several passions lead me!