Skill Clinics

Our clinics will help achieve those skills that need a little more time to accomplish. We will do drills and tons of spotting to help your child achieve their goals. Even if they already have their skills it never hurts to perfect them or just simply maintain them. Our Clinics are open to anyone ages 5 to 17!

The purpose of Skill Clinics are for those kids who need a little extra help on a particular skill/event.  There are sometimes one particular skill that is in the way for your child to move up, and that is where these clinics come in handy!

These clinics are run by the team instructors and will have designated lesson plans for the particular event.

Skill Clinic Details

We will have skill clinics twice a month.  They will always fall on a Saturday.  Times are TBD.

Cost: $15 for members, $20 for non-members.