Lobby Policies and Procedures

  1.  Students and/or guardians will walk in and have their temperature taken by a staff member. It is a touch free thermometer. We require a mask is worn at all times by adults entering the building.
  2. After their temperature is taken, everyone will hand sanitize before walking into the gym.
  3. Students will place their belongings on a designated spot 6 feet apart from each other in the lobby or gym.
  4.  Doors to enter the gym from the lobby will remain open to prevent constant opening and closing. The door in Preschool will be closed during class to prevent students from running out of class.
  5. Students will wait by their belongings until they are called into class.
  6.  MANDATORY: Only ONE Parent or guardian will be allowed in the lobby during class.
    1. The lobby seating is very limited. Once the lobby reaches capacity, we will ask you to wait in your car until your child’s class is finished.
    2. We ask that siblings do not come into the lobby during class.
  7. Hand sanitizer dispensers and wipes are placed throughout the lobby.
  8. To reduce lobby traffic, we strongly recommend and respectfully ask you drop off and pick up. A coach will make sure students do not leave the building until their parent or guardian is there to pick them up.
  9. Class times are 5-15 minutes apart to reduce lobby traffic.
  10. We recommend arriving no more than 5 minutes early to class. Students will wait for their parent by their belongings.

Water Fountain, Kitchen, and Snack Bar

  1. Snacks, water, and pro-shop items may be purchased at the front desk. We prefer all items be bought using the card on file.
  2. The kitchen will be off limits to students and guardians. This includes the microwave, counter top, and refrigerator.
  3.  The water fountain is only to be used to refill a water bottle. We ask that each student brings their own water bottle to use during class or practice.

Gym Procedures

  1. The gym has been marked off to allow a 36 square foot station for gymnasts to be spaced apart. All areas of the gym have been mapped off to encourage social distancing.
  2. Mats have been placed at the events to hopefully lessen the amount of times a mat is moved and touched.
  3.  Four wipe dispensers have been placed around the gym. These will be used to wipe down hands or equipment.
  4.  Gymnasts will stay at their station until a coach calls rotate. If mats were used, they will be wiped down before the next gymnast takes their turn.


  1. Both bathrooms are open. We do ask you try to use only the family bathroom because it encourages social distancing. In case of emergency, the larger bathroom is open as well.
  2. Wipes and hand sanitizer will be next to the bathroom.
  3. We recommend no line for the bathroom. That being said, this is hard to prevent so we have placed a markers for people to wait in line for the bathroom.


  1. Gymnast safety is paramount, and coaches should not be restricted from spotting a gymnast if necessary to protect the gymnast from injury.
  2. While spotting remains an important element to gymnast safety, we are going to be doing very minimal spotting.
  3. Please inform your child’s coach BEFORE CLASS if you do not want your child spotted. If you request this, the only reason your child will be spotted is if the coach needs to save the gymnast from injury.

Extra Cleaning Measures

  1. The bathroom and lobby handles, chairs, and surfaces are wiped down after each class. We have a cleaning chart to keep track of these times to ensure the cleaning is being completed.
  2.  The smaller mats and gym equipment will be cleaned throughout practices and classes with sanitized wipes. If the mat was heavily used, the mat will be sprayed down with cleaner and wiped down by the coach.
  3. At the end of the morning and evening practices and classes, the larger mats, pits, and bar area will be sprayed down with cleaner and wiped down by a coach. This will be documented to ensure everything is completed.
  4. The lobby floors are mopped twice a week and swept/spot checked at the end of every night.
  5. The carpeted areas in the gym are vacuumed twice a week.
  6. The bathrooms are cleaned with bleach once a week and also cleaned at the end of every evening.
  7. The windows are cleaned every evening.
  8. Because the Preschool mats are touched and used very often, these mats will be sprayed down after every class.


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