Performance Gymnastics Academy
Booster Club
PART I: Performance Gymnastics Academy Boosters Club
This handout is provided to team members’ parents to provide information about the “Team”
and the Performance Gymnastics Academy Boosters Club. If you have questions about the
Boosters organization, please contact one of the officers. If you have questions regarding your
Gymnasts’ training, please contact the PGA coaching staff.
Performance Gymnastics Academy and the Performance Gymnastics Academy Boosters Club
are separate organizations. Performance Gymnastics Academy is owned and operated by Olivia
Busse, a for profit organization, providing gymnastics training. A monthly tuition payment to
Performance Gymnastics Academy covers expenses associated with training your gymnast(s).
Performance Gymnastics Academy Booster Club is a separate, non‐profit 501c3 organization,
consisting of and run by the parents of PGA team members. Your membership in the club is
paid with a $25.00 yearly fee when your gymnast becomes a member of the team. Revenue
generated by the Boosters helps to pay expenses associated with competitions; including
coaches travel expenses and coaching fees, meet entry fees, and other items that benefit the
team as deemed appropriate by the club officers.
1. To generate enthusiasm to support the team as a unified group.
2. To raise funds to pay for meet entry fees and coaches traveling expenses.
3. To ensure that all gymnasts are entered into each scheduled meet at which they intend
to compete.
4. To raise funds for special equipment/apparatus needed for the team but that does not
benefit Performance Gymnastics Academy in a business sense.
5. To organize and conduct meets for the development of team gymnasts and to offset
program expenses.
1. Focus on the kids
2. On‐time registration for every PGA gymnast for every meet
3. Welcome and involve new parents and gymnasts
4. Continued impeccable financial management of all accounts
5. Have Fun
6. To ensure a future benefit and longevity of the organization for gymnasts in
Performance Gymnastics Academy
1. Performance Gymnastics Academy Payments
Monthly tuition is paid to Performance Gymnastics Academy, not to Performance
Gymnastics Academy Booster Club. An annual registration fee of $35.00 per child is
paid to Performance Gymnastics Academy. The fee is billed once a year on the month
your child enrolled at PGA. All matters associated with your monthly tuition charges
should be directed to Performance Gymnastics Academy.
2. Performance Gymnastics Academy Booster Club Accounts & Fees:
a. Gymnast Booster Account :
This account is for funds that you personally contribute. You deposit money in this
account by cash or check payable to Performance Gymnastics Academy Booster
Club. Checks are to be left in the box at the front desk in an envelope clearly marked
“Performance Gymnastics Academy Boosters” to avoid any confusion. Include your
daughter’s name and level on the check or envelope. Un‐used funds in your
personal account will be returned to you if you leave the team for any reason.
Money from this account can carry over from year to year. THESE FUNDS ARE NOT
b. Gymnast Fund Raising Account
This account will be for funds raised by participation in Booster Club sanctioned
activities. Examples would be Kroger Community Rewards, Gift card sales, etc. This
money is used first whenever possible.
c. Boosters Administrative Account:
This account is for the benefit of the entire team, and is funded through various
activities. The account is managed by the Club Officers. The Administrative Account
also funds the day to day operations of the booster club and for activities that
benefit all gymnasts (such as the Christmas Party). A portion of the Administrative
account is set aside every year as a “National Fund”, this fund is to offset the
coaching expenses for National Qualifiers. Monies left over from Fund Raising
Accounts that are closed will be swept into this account.
3. Fee Schedule
During the summer prior to the competitive season, you will receive a letter detailing
the estimated meet expenses for the coming year, the payment schedules and required
deposits. The estimates are based on the team’s expenses from the previous year and
the meets scheduled for the upcoming season. There are three options for paying
competitive fees:
a. Three payment option
Level Jun. 15, 2018 Aug. 15, 2018 Oct. 15, 2018
Sparkles $220.00 $220.00 $220.00
Level 3 $475.00 $475.00 $475.00
Level 4 $475.00 $475.00 $475.00
Level 6/7 $545.00 $545.00 $540.00
Level 8/9 $560.00 $560.00 $555.00
Xcels $385.00 $385.00 $380.00
b. Two payment option
Level June 15, 2018 August 15, 2018
Sparkles $330.00 $330.00
Level 3 $712.50 $712.50
Level 4 $712.50 $712.50
Level 6/7 $815.00 $815.00
Level 8/9 $840.00 $835.00
Xcels $575.00 $575.00
c. Single payment option
Level July 15, 2018
Sparkles $660.00
Level 3 $1,425.00
Level 4 $1,425.00
Level 6/7 $1,630.00
Level 8/9 $1,675.00
Xcels $1,150.00
Please remember that these are deadlines. Funds are needed by these dates to enter meets.
Meet registration can being as early as August 1 (some meets are full within 2 weeks of opening
registration). The coaches enter the gymnast into several meets at a time and the Booster Club
then sends the payment to the host club, which requires a balance in your account prior to the
season start.
If you do not have the funds in your account by the deadlines, your gymnast will not be
entered in meets.
1. Competitive Fees are estimated:
Estimated fees may not cover all expenses during the year. If the need arises to increase the
amount of funds in your account, you will be notified as soon as possible. Teams (with the
exception of Sparkles) will compete in approximately 6-8 meets per season. Coaches’ fees and
travel expenses for Regional and National Meets (Levels 8-10) are NOT included in the
estimated competition fees due to locations not being determined until later in the season (see
Part II, Section D, Coaches Expenses.
2. Competitive Meet Commitment:
As the season approaches, PGA coaches will compile and distribute a list of meets they have
selected for the team to attend. You must then select the meets you plan to attend and return
the list to the coaches by the required deadline. The coaches set a minimum number of meets
that your child will be required to attend. We understand things can change due to injuries, or
other circumstances beyond your control. Keep the lines of communication open between you
and the coaches as events impact your child’s meet schedule.
In the event of an injury, Performance Gymnastics Booster Club will make every effort to get
refunds for entry fees already paid or to enter a gymnast into meets later in the schedule that
she/he did not plan to attend prior to the injury. Please advise your coach and send an email to
the Booster Club as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee that a refund will be issued as this
is at the discretion of each meet director.
3. Account in Arrears:
If your account is not properly funded, your gymnast will not be registered with USAG or be
entered in meets. In the unlikely event your account is not funded the Booster Club reserves
the right to assess a ten percent (10%) penalty on the amount past due. Every 30 days there will be an
additional ten percent (10%) penalty on the current existing balance. All individual accounts that are in
arrears for a period of 90 days will be handled via Small Claims Court and/or be turned over to a
professional collection agency
Miscellaneous Expenses
1. USA Gymnastics Membership: All team members are required to be a member of USA
Gymnastics (USAG), which sanctions all of the meets we attend and acts as a governing body
for the sport. They establish the compulsory routines, set the boundaries for the optional
routines, and ensure that standards for scoring routines are established and applied
consistently by the judges. Your child will receive a USAG number, which is required for entry
into the meets, and a membership card. The Boosters and coaches ensure that the gymnasts’
membership numbers are sent in with registration; however, you should bring your child’s card
to the meet. The USAG fee: ($57 in 2017, subject to change per USAG) is due by July 31 each
year. The coaches will send home a form for you to fill out and return to them. They will handle
mailing the forms/online registration. The membership card will be mailed to your home along
with the USA Gymnastics magazine that is sent monthly. This is included in your estimated
competition fees. This fee is nonrefundable once processed by USA Gymnastics.
2. Team Uniforms:
Team leotards, warm‐ups, sandals and bags are required for each team member and are
ordered in the summer. The coaching staff selects, orders, and arranges fittings for the
uniforms. A complete set is generally about $400. Ordering of accessories and parent’s team
shirts are coordinated by the club. Expenses for leos and warm‐ups are not included in the level
fees previously discussed and are paid directly to Performance Gymnastics Academy. Your
team bag is included for all levels except Sparkles. If you have the current bag your account will
not be billed for new one. If you are in need of a new bag (due to general wear, etc) please
contact the Booster Club.
3. Membership Fee: A yearly membership fee of $25 is charged to your account. This fee is to
cover the operating expenses of the Booster Club (bank fees, IRS and State filing fees, etc). The
yearly membership fee is nonrefundable after August 1.
1. Annual Activities by Month
Planning for our meets is an on‐going activity. The following are additional booster
Officer Nominations/Volunteering
End of Year Banquets
Officer Elections
Installation of Officers
Team Holiday Party
Competitive Season Begins
2. Participation
All families will be expected to participate in fund raising activities. As these
opportunities arise more information will be made available.
3. In the event a gymnast leaves PGA the funds in their fundraising account cannot be
refunded. The Booster Club may transfer these funds (with the approval of the
Executive Board) to another gymnastics booster club provided said club is recognized as
a 501c3 Tax Exempt Organization with the IRS.
4. No refunds can be processed without written request. Requests should be sent to
[email protected]. If you cannot send an email a written letter must be
presented to your child’s coach to be given to the Booster Club president.
PART II: Performance Gymnastics Academy Booster Club Operating Policies
The Performance Gymnastics Academy Booster Club elects officers annually beginning 2019. A
call for nominations will go out in early May with elections concluded in early June.
Your current officers are:
President: Pam Mayberry – [email protected]
Vice President: Stephanie O’Hara – [email protected]
Treasurer: Tracy Jones – [email protected]
Secretary: Patty Hidy – [email protected]
General Email Address for the Booster Club: [email protected]
1. Kroger Community Rewards Program
Participation in the program is a great way to earn rewards for doing something you already do.
To enroll, sign into your Kroger Plus account and under Community Rewards select
Performance Gymnastics Academy Booster Club (NPO # 99313) to enroll. The Community
Rewards program requires yearly renewal in April. Details for program and enrollment are
available, please email the Booster Club.
2. Dorothy Lane Market Good Neighbor Program
Program runs from Jan 1 – Dec 31 each year. You are required to enroll your card each year for
funds to be sent to our organization. You can enroll at any time as funds are distributed for the
year, Dorothy Lane Market keeps track of all earnings. These funds cannot be designated to a
specific account as accounting information is not provided to the Booster Club. Our
organization number is: 890 (Performance Gymnastics Boosters Corp).
1. General
All disbursements and expenditures are made by the Treasurer through the funds and are
explained in detail in the finances section of team information.
2. Calculation of Costs for a Meet
The total costs of meets include gymnast entry fees, team entry fees, and all expenses of the
coaches and chaperones (if needed) attending the meet . Transportation and room/board for
the gymnast is the responsibility of the parents.
3. Cancellation by a Gymnast
The family of a gymnast that cancels from a meet is responsible for any unrecoverable costs,
such as entry fees and their share of the coaches’ expenses. Special consideration will be given
in the case of an injury.
In the event of a travel meet, you may be responsible for coaching fees regardless of the
reason for cancellation. This would apply to any competition (regular season, Regional, or
National) that will require the purchase of air fare.
1. Coaches will be paid a per diem for meals for each day they are coaching at a meet. The
amount of per diem is a maximum of $20.00 per day depending on if coaches are required to
2. Coaches will be paid for travel expenses (driving mileage and lodging). If it is not reasonable
to expect the coaches to drive to a meet, they will be reimbursed for airline travel. Any family
members of a coach also travelling will be responsible for their own travel arrangements and
expenses. The Boosters Club will use the same guidelines USA Gymnastics uses for mileage
reimbursement. Coaches are expected to ride together when possible. Booster Club will
reimburse a maximum of two cars per meet. Coaches are expected to share lodging if hotel
rooms are necessary.
3. Coaching fees are paid at a rate of $50.00 per coach, per session.
4. Number of Coaches
Expenses will be paid for one coach per session or team consisting of four girls or less.
Teams/groups consisting of 5 girls or more will receive funding for two coaches. The Booster
Officers must approve exceptions to this rule in advance. State, Regional and National meet
coaching fees will be calculated after gymnasts have qualified.
5. Regional and National Meets
Gymnasts in Levels 8, 9 and 10 can qualify to additional competitions based on individual scores
at State Championships. These coaches’ fees are not included in your estimated competitive
fees as locations are not determined until early 2019. You will be advised of approximate fees
prior to State Championships and if additional funds are required in your account they will need
to be paid prior to State Championships. Entry for Regional meets is required at State
Championships, entry for National meets is required at Regional Championships, per USAG.


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